PXVF3800-KIT Quad Mic Conference Solution

Master Control XVF3800
Power Supply USB 5V
Dimensions 102mmx102mm
Microphone Spacing 66.5mm
PDM Digital Microphones 3SM222KMB1HA-022
Codec NAU88L21
Sampling Rate 16KHz/48KHz (default)
Power Amplifier Output Supports 2W 4Ω speaker output

Evaluation Board

Name Function Description Status Purchase
PXVF3800-KIT Quad Mic Conference Solution Evaluation Board Coming Soon Coming Soon

PXVF3800-KIT is a four-mic solution tailored for conference scenarios, highly suitable for corporate users to evaluate and test for voice conferencing projects.

The solution can be supplied in the form of PCBA or a complete solution, with Papaya Electronics providing pre-sales and after-sales technical services.

Solution Background

As remote work trends upward in recent years, the demand for high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective collaboration solutions has significantly increased. For conference platforms to provide an almost face-to-face experience, they must capture voice clearly and accurately to ensure efficient communication.

Traditional microphone array solutions not only capture human voices in meetings but also capture other environmental noises. The advanced voice algorithms of XMOS have addressed this issue, and the PXVF3800-KIT developed based on XMOS's new generation master controller XVF3800 perfectly meets the current application needs of meeting scenarios.

Solution Overview

The PXVF3800-KIT features the new XVF3800 processor with built-in AEC, NS, AGC, adaptive beamforming algorithms, suitable for use in corporate meetings, video conferencing all-in-ones, meeting treasures, business display screens, and other fields.

PXVF3800-KIT supports microsoft teams™ and zoom™ certification, providing a quick-to-market meeting solution, ideal for business and consumer conference platforms.

The PXVF3800-KIT Quad Mic Conference Solution can also be adjusted to customer needs, designed as either a 180-degree pickup bar microphone array or a 360-degree pickup ring microphone array, to meet different application scenario needs.

Solution Features


XMOS Master Controller

XVF3800 is a high-performance speech chip optimized for voice calling scenarios, suitable for use in corporate meetings, video conferencing all-in-ones, meeting treasures, business display screens, and other fields

DSP Algorithm Processing

PXVF3800-KIT includes microphone interfaces, voice processing, and control modules, allowing developers to fully optimize voice performance according to the acoustic characteristics of specific products

The acoustic echo cancellation feature eliminates echo from microphone audio inputs, reducing far-end echo to extract clear voice signals.

Noise suppression reduces static and diffused noise sources while maintaining vocal loudness unchanged.

Microphone pickup volume adjusts automatically with distance of the speaking voice to maintain sound level consistency.

Adaptive beamformers track stationary and non-stationary voice sources, determine direction of arrival (DoA), and isolate desired speech, thus boosting polyphony and reverberation cancellation performance.

Controls IC and AGC adaptiveness to optimize output of proximal voice.

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