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We specialize in HiFi audio, microphone arrays, and AIoT, offering complete and reliable customized audio solutions. Our mission is to create value for our customers.

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  • PXUA-316-MC-MAX Development Board
    PXUA-316-MC-MAX Multi-Channel Audio Solution

    PXUA-316-MC-MAX is equipped with 32 channels @48kHz analog inputs/outputs, meeting the UAC2.0 standard limit. Combined with the 34 GPIOs of XU316-1024-QF60B-PP24 chip, it allows highly customizable input/output combinations without additional flying wires

  • PXVF3800-KIT Conference Voice Solution

    This Conference Voice Solution features multi-source tracking and full-duplex AEC. It delivers clear voice output for various meeting scenarios, making it an ideal choice for compatibility with major collaboration platforms like Teams™ and Zoom™.

  • Local Amplifier Front View
    PXU316-LA-7MIC Seamless Local Amplification Solution

    PXU316-LA-7MIC is a 7-microphone local amplification solution for conference scenarios, ideal for business users such as local amplification device manufacturers to evaluate and test.

  • PXUA-XU316-KIT Evaluation Board
    USB HiFi Audio Interface

    The USB HiFi Audio Interface offers excellent USB compatibility, high-resolution decoding, low latency, and great flexibility, supporting UAC 2.0 and high-spec HiFi formats like PCM 768KHz and DSD 512.

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Together, We Build

We boast top domestic talent in audio technology, leading the way as a premier IDH in the Hi-Fi audio sector. But we don't stop there; we're continuously investing in R&D for digital conferencing and AI microphone array solutions to help your projects succeed.

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Boosting AI Innovation

As a leader in the industry, PAWPAW Technology specializes in offering advanced audio solutions, sound reinforcement systems, and microphone array technology. Our goal is to enhance the performance and flexibility of embedded smart devices.

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