PXU316-LA-7MIC Discreet Local Amplification Solution

Microphone Input Frequency Response 0~16KHz
Line-out Output Frequency Response 0~8KHz@0db/1Vrms
BF Beamforming 10~180 Angle adjustable pickup sector
DOA Angle ±10 Angle
Side Lobe Suppression 30dB
Power Consumption 5V@130mA
System Delay 15ms

PXU316-LA-7MIC is a local amplification solution with 7 microphones aimed at conference scenarios, very suitable for business users such as local amplification device manufacturers to evaluate and test.

This solution can be supplied in the form of PCBA or a complete solution, and Pawpaw Electronics provides pre-sale and after-sales technical services to users.

Evaluation Board

Name Function Description Status Purchase
PXU316-LA-7MIC 7-Mic Local Amplification Evaluation Board Coming Soon Coming Soon

Supporting Chip

Name Function Description Status Purchase
XU316-1024-QF60B-C32 XMOS 7MIC Main Model for Local Amplification Coming Soon Coming Soon


In scenarios such as speaking, meetings, and classrooms, to enable speakers to speak freely and comfortably, and listeners to hear the speech clearly and comfortably, the 'Discreet Local Amplification Solution' came into existence.

The discreet local amplification solution aims to provide listeners with a clear, low-latency, and high-fidelity auditory experience; and to bring a natural and unrestrained amplification requirement for users.

The local amplification solution using multiple microphone arrays will become the optimal plan for technological upgrades, needing to bring new experiences:

Solution Summary

PXU316-LA-7MIC employs 7-mic array technology and will be a high-performance local amplification solution. Using Beamforming technology sets the required directional pickup sectors and greatly weakens the interference noise outside these sectors, forming an acoustic isolation up to 30dB.

Meanwhile, enhancing vocal clarity is a priority direction of this scheme, algorithms use a 32KHz/24bit sampling rate for processing, ensuring high fidelity output within the 8kHz frequency response of the human voice; 18ms delay can bring a quality instant experience, allowing speakers to be unaware while the speaker amplifies above 10dB more for broadcast.

PXU316-LA-7MIC scheme employs a high-power XMOS processor, built-in BF, AFC, NS, AGC, EQ algorithm modules for audio processing optimization; and compatible with ultra-low latency, wide bandwidth sound content; keeping the speaker’s voice clear and timely delivered, enabling listeners to get a more realistic and natural auditory experience without losing authenticity and accuracy.

Solution Features


XMOS Main Control

Using XMOS's latest high flexibility high computation XCORE.AI chip

XMOS XU316 multi-core processor has 800MHz/3200MIPS computational power, 1MB SRAM DSP resources

​DSP Algorithm Processing

Integrated multiple algorithm modules, forming the ultimate local amplification application experience

XMOS chip contains several DSP algorithm modules, targeting solutions for local amplification applications

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