Solution: Professional Audio Interface

Individuals or teams pursuing high-definition recording do so to capture and convey the true, beautiful sounds of voices and musical instruments, often requiring higher sampling rates to carry more audio spectrum information. Moreover, for live performance purposes, it's often necessary to blend sounds from multiple instruments, personal vocals, and background music.

Since existing terminal devices like computers and smartphones cannot achieve high-resolution recording, or simultaneously connect pianos/guitars, multiple HD microphones, and monitoring headphones, they fail to meet the requirements of music enthusiasts for performance. Utilizing a USB Audio device by extending through a USB professional recording sound card is the optimal solution now. The USB Audio scheme implements USB UAC2.0 protocol for asynchronous transmission, ensuring multi-channel, high bit-rate (e.g., 10 channels at 192KH) audio transmission bandwidth. Additionally, it supports MIDI interfaces, multiple analog microphones, monitoring headphone outputs, and combines vocals and music sound through mixing algorithms (Mixer).