Solution: Offline Voice Control

Previously, the methods of controlling home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, range hoods, fans, etc., by manually using an infrared remote control or physically pressing buttons in front of the device were not considered smart or even convenient for users. Especially when hands are occupied, or there is a reluctance to move around to control appliances, a new method of control is needed -> voice control.

In order to conveniently control home appliances just by speaking, a few simple and commonly used voice command words may suffice, which are easy to remember and control. Users are more likely to use offline voice control instead of having to connect to Wi-Fi, which allows for rapid response in controlling devices and also ensures personal privacy and security.

The offline voice control solution offers great cost-effectiveness and can meet user needs for voice recognition to control appliances within a 5-meter range in a home environment. It can integrate 20~150 voice command phrases such as 'turn on the lights', 'set to 25 degrees', and other convenient voice controls. Using offline voice control makes life more convenient.