XMOS USB Audio HiFi Sound Card

Master Platform XMOS
UAC Protocol UAC2.0 ( High-speed)
Synchronous/Asynchronous Mode asynchronous mode
Audio Interface I2S/DSD/SPDIF
Sampling Rate 44.1~768 KHz
Bit Depth 16/24/32 bit
ASIO Support
Operating Systems Windows/ Linux/ Android/ IOS...

The XMOS USB Audio scheme is an excellent solution from XMOS, recommended by Papaya Electronics for use in the following devices:

  • A: Tailbud (Type-C sound card)
  • B: Portable player
  • C: Active multi-functional speaker
  • D: Desktop decoding device

The following chip platforms from XMOS can implement the XMOS USB Audio scheme, where Papaya Electronics particularly recommends the use of XU316-1024-QF60B-PP24 for implementing the XMOS USB Audio scheme.

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Evaluation Board

Name Function Description Status Purchase
PXUA-XU316-KIT Evaluation Board XMOS USB Audio digital board On Sale Taobao Link

Matching Chips

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Background of the Scheme

The pursuit of the most realistic playback quality is a constant direction of development in the HiFi audio domain, often requiring higher and greater data transfer to more effectively restore true analog sound when converting from digital audio to analog. In high-end Hi-Res playback devices, it is necessary to support higher sampling rates such as 384KHz/768KHz for conveying fuller spectrum information, wider dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and lower distortion (THD).

Since many terminal devices such as smartphones and PC built-in sound cards do not integrate Hi-Res sound cards, using USB Audio to expand sound cards is the best choice for pursuing HiFi audio playback. The HiFi USB Audio scheme implements the USB UAC2.0 protocol for asynchronous transmission of high-definition bitrate audio, achieving up to 768KHz PCM and DSD 512 audio decoding, on-time, bit-perfect audio analysis, meeting the needs of HiFi audio consumers for high-fidelity lossless playback devices.

Scheme Overview

The XMOS USB Audio HiFi sound card scheme is a perfect choice for high-performance HiFi playback sound card solution, combining XMOS's proprietary XCORE architecture, high inversion and flexible I/O, high-precision clock synchronization, and high-fidelity digital audio transmission. Its:

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