P3610-2MIC P3610-2MIC Dual Mic Array Board

Product Information


USB Audio Protocol UAC1.0
Digital Audio Transmission IIS Input & Output
Analog Audio Transmission 3.5mm Output @ 2V rms
Sampling Rate 16kHz or 48kHz
Power Consumption 5V@75mA
Fixed Hole Position 4 x Φ3 Holes
Microphone Spacing 71mm
Dimensions 90mm x 18mm
Supports DFU Upgrade Supported
Microphone Model 3SM222KMB1HA-022
Flash Model UC25HQ16
Type Microphone Array
Main Control XVF3610
Microphone Dual PDM Microphones
Power Supply USB 5V


P3610-2MIC is a high-performance microphone array development board, featuring the XVF3610 from XMOS and optimized for microphone array applications. For electrical, desig...below for more documents).

Long-Distance Pickup

Supports 3-5m range pickup, omnidirectional pickup direction.

Voice Processing

  • Two PDM microphone inputs
  • Digital Signal Processing pipeline
    • Full duplex, stereo, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).
    • Auto batch delay insertion feature (ADEC) with reference audio through I2S
    • Point noise suppression by interference canceller (IC)
    • Switchable fixed noise suppressor (NS)
  • Programmable automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Separate audio paths for Communications (Comms) and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Device Interface

  • Full-speed USB 2.0 compatible device, supporting USB audio class (UAC) 1.0
  • USB HID and endpoint 0 control interfaces
  • Flexible peripheral interface
    • Programmable digital general inputs and outputs
    • I2C interface for system control and local peripheral control
    • I2S slave interface input and output audio data
    • SPI master interface for control and inquiry of local SPI slave devices

Firmware Management

  • Option to boot from QSPI flash
    • Default firmware image for power-on
    • Firmware image updates provided over USB
    • Fixed user data during firmware upgrade cycles
    • User-configurable programming for SPI peripherals
  • Option to boot via SPI from local host processor
  • Device firmware updates over I2C or USB (DFU)


As a cost-effective voice interface solution for smart devices, not only may it be necessary for Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) applications, but it could also be used for voice calls (Communication); it is particularly optimized for ASR front-end processing, greatly improving performance in voice interrupt and recognition capabilities. Given its comprehensive features, the following or similar smart devices are recommended for its application:

  • Navigation robots (ASR)

  • Medical equipment (ASR)

  • Fitness equipment (ASR)

  • Large-screen advertising machines (ASR)

  • Lecture streaming (Comms)

  • Camera microphones (Comms)

  • Smart speakers (ASR)

  • Conference treasure (comms)


Technical Documents

Site Documents
Pawpaw Electronic Documents P3610-2MIC Hardware Usage
Pawpaw Electronic Documents P3610-2MIC Debugging Notes
XMOS Chinese Site XVF3610-Product Description
XMOS Chinese Site XVF3610-User Manual

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Name Function Description Status Purchase
P3610-2MIC XMOS Dual-Mic Array Multifunction Evaluation Board active Taobao Link

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XVF3610-QF60B-C Small Volume Sample Purchase

Name Function Description Status Purchase
XVF3610-QF60B-C XMOS Dual Mic Array Controller active Taobao Link

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