PXVF3800 XVF3800 Conference Microphone

Product Information


Microphone Interface PDM
Number of Microphones 4
USB Audio Protocol UAC2.0
Microphone Sampling Rate 16kHz or 48kHz
Audio Interface I2S
I2S Sampling Rate 16kHz or 48kHz
Control Interface I2C, USB
Package 60-pin QFN package
Pin Spacing 0.4mm


The XVF3800 Voice Processor includes microphone interfaces, voice processing, and control functions, allowing you to optimize voice performance fully according to the acoustic characteristics of specific products. - Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) AEC eliminates echo from microphone audio input, while reducing remote echoes, allowing the XVF3800 to extract clear voice signals even with high volume speaker outputs. - Noise Suppression Noise suppression eliminates static and non-static diffuse noise sources, such as air conditioning and road noise, with frequency characteristics that remain constant over time. This makes accurate, consistent voice capture possible. - Adaptive Multi-Beam Former Free-running and beamforming focused on tracking static and non-static speech sources, identifying Direction of Arrival (DoA), and isolating interesting speech to enhance bidirectional call and reverberation removal performance. - Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Configurable AGC adjusts output channels for optimal voice communication effects. Ideal for Teams and Zoom certification.


  • Remote Multi-Person Meetings - ASR Speech Recognition

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