PXU316-LA-7MIC PXU316-LA-7MIC Local Amplifier

Product Information


System Delay 15ms
Microphone Input Frequency Response 0~16KHz
Line-out Output Frequency Response 0~10KHz@0db/1Vrms
BF Beamforming 10~180 Angle adjustable pickup sector
DOA Angle ±10 Angle
Side Lobe Suppression 30dB
Power Consumption 5V@130mA


XMOS Main Control

*Utilizes the latest high-flexibility, high-computation XCORE.AI chip from XMOS*

XMOS XU316 multi-core processor offers 800MHz/3200MIPS computing power, with 1MB SRAM DSP resources

  • Flexibly implements extensions up to 8-channel PDM microphones and multi-channel I2S audio interfaces;
  • The processor enables audio interfaces with zero delay, bringing a lower latency experience to the sound amplification system;
  • Includes built-in DSP Float point / hardware-based VPU acceleration for easy integration of more algorithm modules;

DSP Algorithm Processing

*Integrates multiple algorithm modules, creating an ultimate local amplification experience*

The XMOS chip comes integrated with multiple DSP algorithm modules, dedicated to outputting solutions for local amplification applications

  • 6+1 MIC array beamforming achieves 10 degrees of DOA and side lobe suppression up to 30dB for directional sound pickup;
  • Achieves system latency of 15ms from microphone input to Line-out output;
  • Processes at up to 32KHz@24bit for audio, delivering human voice response up to 10KHz;
  • Supports built-in NS noise reduction and AFC algorithms, achieving over 10dB of amplification loudness.


PXU316-LA-7MIC adopts a 7-mic array technology as a high-performance local amplification solution. Using Beamforming technology, it sets the required directional pickup sector and greatly weakens external noise interference, forming up to 30dB of sound curtain isolation.

At the same time, to enhance the clarity of human voices as a primary direction for consideration, the algorithm processes at a 32KHz/24bit sampling rate to ensure a high-fidelity output within the 10kHz frequency response of human voices; a 15ms delay can bring a high-quality immediate experience, allowing the speaker to amplify more than 10dB through the speaker imperceptibly.

The PXU316-LA-7MIC scheme uses the high-computing power of the XMOS processor, embedding BF, AFC, NS, AGC, and EQ sound processing optimization modules; it is also compatible with ultra-low latency, wide-spectrum sound content; making the speaker's voice transmitted in real time and clearly to the listeners, providing a more realistic and natural listening experience without compromising authenticity and preciseness.

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